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I'm your friendly neighborhood Lune, and I draw things every so often! Click the big "artes" link on the top left to get to my art blog. Where do the rest of the links lead? It's a mystery for the most part!

I have a soft spot for anime-as-heck games and I've been spending a lot of my time lately playing Pokemon. I tend to fandom hop from time to time but the Tales series, Pokemon, Mother/Earthbound, and Zelda are what I tend to default to. While I have a MSPA blog, it's not updated nearly as frequently as it used to be.

I like cute things and pretty music! And music made by my friends (they're pretty cool). I also take care of stray and feral cats on campus in my spare time and you may see pictures of them from time to time. This is primarily an inspiration blog, so keep that in mind! Though it may be flooded with Pokemon at the moment. I'm not sorry about that.

Eventually I'll set up a list of tags I frequently use and put them on a proper about page. Keep an eye out for that!

3DS Friend Code: 2707-1900-1771
NNID: Lunetaria

Some Amie photos of my new precious cutie!

Her final IV spread is:

31 / 10 / 16 / 27 / 28 / 29

I do believe she’s in the top percentage of Goomies.

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